Colorful Girl Bedroom Ideas

Colorful bedroom ideas for girls: Bedroom is the only place in where we seek respite after a tiring day, but all of us want her bedroom to be perfect and relaxing. In this article we’ll focus on girl’s bedroom, but not simple ones.

Girls become unique and imaginative when they want to decorate their room. Most of them wanted colorful decoration, colorful furniture, colorful shades, and colorful accessories. In this, we are at your beck and call to give you much several ways. Firstly look at these initial tips below:

  • Take in consideration the size of your room. If the bedroom is big there is no problem, you’re free choose whatever you want; but if it is small you must avoid dark colorful decoration.
  • Draw a small room in a paper and decorate it with your favorite colors, just imagine it before you begin.
  • Now you’re ready, you have chosen your best colors. Make sure shade’s colors go well with the colors of furnishings.
  • Take into account the position of the room; then you can choose either darker or blooming colors.

Colorful bedroom ideas for girls

colorful bedroom ideas for girls

Furnishings colors

Colorful Girls Bedrooms

The color of furniture differs from one room to another. A big or large room doesn’t make any problem you can use darker or open color for furnishings. For small room I suggest opting open and blooming colors, because it can make it look larger.

Big room: for those who have big room, really they are lucky because there are many imaginative and wonderful decorations. Also they can choose any color. Some examples of colors: white and red, white and brown, white, gray and purple…etc. Also you can use designed and painted landscape on the headboard and wardrobes.

colorful bedroom ideas for girls

Small Room: don’t be sad since there are many colors can make your room look bigger, just be selective and imaginative. Avoid darker shades or use them in combination with blooming colors and accessories. Bright and open colors like pink and cerise, red and blooming gray, blue with aqua or turquoise, yellow gray and white…etc.

Walls color and decoration ideas

colorful bedroom ideas for girls

Shades are another focal point in every bedroom. Most girls prefer colorful paintings walls, and some of them choose colorful wallpaper. Both choices are good, nice and relaxing. Sometimes you choose your walls colors according to your best season which seems a good idea. Just make sure shades must go well with furnishings colors, Try:
  • More than one solid contrasting color on one wall.
  • Simple and natural theme used as motifs on walls.  
  • Horizontal and or vertical pattern that goes through the entire bedroom or a part of the room.
  • Texture of light and dark shades of the same color.

Other decorative elements

colorful bedroom ideas for girls

For girls there are many types of accessories, Natural decorative accessories are the most suitable for colorful rooms.

I suggest Butterfly accessories, which consist of curtains, drapes and pillows. These elements are decorated by the logo of butterfly, really they are so nice. A wide variety of shiny and attractive colors for curtains and cushion, you need to choose suitable accessories with your furniture and calls colors.

Bedroom Colors For Girl: Pictures, and Inspiration

colorful bedroom ideas for girls
colorful bedroom ideas for girls
colorful bedroom ideas for girls
colorful bedroom ideas for girls

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