Decorating ideas for bedroom walls

A bedroom is the sacred place in the house. If you want to decorate this coziest zone, you should begin by drinking the walls.

Many people stick on simple decorations for walls, they just change the colors without any modernist styles. I respect their choice, but they need to remove that traditional painting so as to get new inspiration ,new mood...etc. If you get bored of the old monochromatic walls, and hope to give your bedroom another sense; follow us in our website ( bedroom ideas )

Bedroom Wall Decorating Ideas

decorating ideas for bedroom walls

Natural landscape 

If you are the person who feels that the best way to relax is to spend time among nature, painting natural leaves, flowers, grass and other natural motifs on walls. Dark brown and black is suitable furniture for these paintings.

Your name

it’s another decorative tip for attractive walls, it’s the simplest idea you can find but it looks adorable. I suggest writing your name on the wall, using various writing styles and attractive colors. Also you can decorate your name by adding smiling emoticons, stars, butterflies, flowers...etc; your room will look prettier.


If you are a lover of accessories, this is your chance to use the best ones and hang them on walls. Small mirrors are the most interesting accessory to opt for. Apart from giving an aesthetic value to the room, mirrors also give a room a larger appearance. Candles, wall hangings, frame picture also can play aesthetic role in a walls decoration.

Clouds and sky on walls

whenever we look at the sky and clouds, nice and sweet words come to our mind. A sky wall art is the perfect one for those who are looking for cool mood; you can draw a blue sky, shiny sun with many clouds spread on the wall. If you hope to be more imaginative, artistic and creative, you can place birds, airplanes, parachutes...etc, around the clouds. Really your room will be a natural landscape in where you can spend sunny days. To keep the look closed to nature, use shades of blue, and other pastel shades.

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Bedroom wall decorating ideas pictures

how to decorate a bedroom wall

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