Bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms

Bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms: A bedroom is a sacred place, it should be soothing, relaxing, and tranquil and where you can lighten up and forget all worries. 

No one can deny that all of us would like to have a large bedroom with a big sized bed and impressive bellowing drapes. Most houses have very small rooms which require a lot of creativity to gear all necessary furniture and equipments. Choose furniture which will be suitable with the proportions of the room. There are many bad habits that people practice while fitting their bedrooms, one of these mistakes is to cram a small bedroom with large furnishing pieces. This makes the room look smaller. The style of furniture also plays an important role.

Bedroom furniture ideas for small bedrooms

bedroom furniture ideas for small bedrooms

At first, you must remember many essential elements of interior design. As lighter color which reflects more light, choose light for your bedroom to make it more spacious. Try also to opt sheer curtains in pastel hues in materials like chiffon and muslin to give the room great impression.

The Bed

The bed is the focal point in every bedroom. It is so important but you can’t get a large sized bed with a huge headboard. This can take the whole space of the room and you will face many difficulties in placing and arranging other essential equipments. Also it can make the bedroom look congested, cluttered and can destroy the relaxing mood.

Don’t worry, every problem have a solution. You have to choose the bed with much care. Opt a bed whose proportion matches that of the small bedroom and place it in the right position so as to move comfortably in the room and still have space to place other furniture pieces.

best bed for small room ideas

It’s better to opt a platform bed that has a low height, this make can the room looks bigger than it is. I suggest using a box bed that has enough space for storing bed linens and other things. In case your room is too small and narrow, and you cannot opt for night tables, then set a headboard that has an inbuilt shelf to keep your books well-stored and also has enough light for reading, writing…etc

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Furniture ideas for small rooms: The Wardrobe

The wardrobe is essential bedroom furnishing that you can't do without it. Even though you have a small sized room you need to op all necessary equipments, just avoid using wardrobes that occupy the whole wall.

Choose armories and wardrobes that are vertically sloped. This plays an important role in minimizes the amount of floor space used. Moreover, it is useful for hanging long dresses and suits without any fear of creasing.

wardrobe for small room

Another multifunction piece is the top shelves which can be utilized for storing handbags, rain gear, shoes and other things used. Try also to use mirrors on the wardrobe doors in order to play the role of your dresser and it can help to open up the space. Pay attention to every step so as to arrange your bedroom with suitable sized furnishings.

Bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms: Other basic elements

basic elements of small room

Bed, wardrobe, shelves and mirrors aren’t sufficient; you will also need to furnish the room with other basic elements such as a dresser and chest. Choose dressers and chest which have a simple design and without carvings. The most useful and successful small bedroom furniture plans is to choose for furnishings like the bed, side tables, wardrobe and chest in pure white.

If you have painted your walls faint colored like mint green or icy blue, white colored furniture will complement and go well and can give you a romantic look with a spacious mood. If you want to play with colors try to use colorful rugs, pillows, lamps and photos frames. All these elements can give your bedroom an aesthetic value, romantic and ethereal style for your space.

bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms

Tiny bedrooms need narrow and right sized furniture and great arrangement which create an illusion of space. The most successful furniture layout for small spaces is to place the bed on the corner of the bedroom instead of placing it in the middle. This without doubt can give you more floor space and help you to add another furnishing item such as a comfortable armchair or a lovely ottoman.

Another furnishing idea; if there is enough space, group together a couple of small chairs with a low coffee table beside the window to create a cozy space. By these ideas, your room will be your best cozy nook to spend a comfy night.

Bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms: Pictures, and Inspiration

Bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms
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Bedroom furniture ideas for small bedrooms

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