Light or dark colors for bedroom

Light or dark colors for bedroom: The bedroom is a private area which should be well-decorated and painted. You can benefit from a calming mood, especially when is painted with candid colors, blending completely with its interior design. Nowadays there are various kinds of color trends, which have a successful impact on bedroom’s ambiance. 

As we all know, each color has its own meaning and character, and it has an aesthetic value to the room painted with.  Color blending is undoubtedly a unique way of painting interiors.

Light or dark colors for bedroom

light or dark colors for bedroom

If you choose right shades, you will have a very nice bedroom to live in. In fact, colors are categorized into two collections, light and dark colors. A special tip for those who prefer the dark shades for rooms, your bedroom must be illuminated with sufficient light as the dark shades make the space look smaller. If you want to play with dark shades; it’s better to paint only one wall of your bedroom in a dark shade and the rest in a lighter hue ‘you can use contrast or combination’. Look at this palette below, you will have your best choice easier.

Light colour shades for bedroom

light shades bedroom

Light shades are suitable for creating the illusion space of the room. Opt for these shades especially; if you a small bedroom . I suggest pink, purple, pale green, sea green, ivory and off white for brilliant room.

Light Green

This lightest hue of green is perfectly relaxing for your bedroom. I suggest opting for this color, especially; if your bedroom is facing the sea or a natural landscape, or if your house is ambient by a rich green plants, gardens or flowers.

Sky Blue

another spacious choice, the sky blue is a lovable shade which has always been related to transparence, peace, calm and beauty. You should Coat your bedroom with a premium degree of waterproof blue paint for an impressive and bright space.

Light cyan

 This is quite the perfect choice for bedrooms having contemporary style with modern and stylish furnishing and design. Light cyan is a wonderful shade on bedrooms which are facing beaches or seaside.


Lavender shade is elegance and lively that gives good sense and ambiance for both large and small bedrooms. Additionally, lavender shade goes well in master bedrooms with modern design. You can also try the tint of blend of lavender and light brown which    is extremely unique, chic and chaste. The combination of lavender and light brown is spacious for joyful rooms after painted with it.


Pink or rosy brown hue is spacious combination of two vibrant colors. Pink and brown symbolize soothing, happiness and joy. They are excellent wall shades for bedrooms having low level lighting.

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Dark Shades for bedroom

light and dark colors for bedrooms

Darker colors work well if your room is large and quite enough to fit a master bed as well as a essential pieces of furnishing. Have  alook below so as to opt for your best choice.


this is a very common shade for modern design. Orange is neat, chaste, attractive and tempting. Try a blend darker orange with sunshine yellow for a joyful ambiance.

Splash purple

Purple is a color which represents femininity and royalty. It is a very popular shade for girl’s bedroom. A splash of purple on the entire bedroom walls will give a brilliant haven. Try to combine it with light pink.

Dodger blue

This kind of blue is exotic and attractive. Dodger blue is usually chosen for bedrooms having modern design and d├ęcor. Adorn your room with touches of a dash of  white as it will balance out an impressive mood.


Dark green is a quite enticing and cool shade. It works well in a bedroom designed with tropical themes and items. Choose open color accessories, furnishing and lights will complement this dark shade.


blue is another contemporary shade for elegance bedrooms. Try to combine and contrast light blue with aqua or turquoise to achieve a neat ambiance in your haven. You can choose this color for all designs and decors.

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